The Finders Keepers Market – Melbourne

ImageImageImageImageToday I had the absolute pleasure of going to The Finders Keepers Market. As I have mentioned before I love to support local businesses and this is definitely the mother of all independent art and design markets attracting designers from all over Australia.

Camera and Myki in hand, my mum and I caught the train into the city early this morning to arrive at The Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building where the market was held. This beautiful old building is surrounded by the most glorious gardens and on this sunny autumn day it was a real treat to stroll through them before going inside.

After dropping a gold coin donation in a box we wondered around the stalls in utter awe of the creativity and innovation that surrounded us. There was one of a kind jewellery, records turned into notebooks, vintage suitcases turned into speakers and enough quirky hand made items to redecorate your entire house!

This year being the third year that I’ve attended the event I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes something slightly out of the ordinary. If you missed out this time never fear as The Finders Keepers market is a bi-anual event and will return to Melbourne in October so keep an eye on their website for dates. Until then, let me know who your favourite independent designer is!


20 thoughts on “The Finders Keepers Market – Melbourne

  1. I had totally forgotten this was on until I was going through my blogs late last night, I guess I will just have to make it to the one in October. Looks like something I shouldn’t miss…again.

  2. This is a cool market, I wish we had one like this in my city. And thanks for visiting my blog, it was my first, so it was encouraging. Do you know of any good blogs out there like this one that talks of unusual shopping places ?

  3. I wish I lived closer! Being in Northern Ireland though I think I could be forgiven! I would love to have a stand at that market with Ruby Bijou!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I went to a “flea market” here in the states yesterday. It was in the basement of an old mill turned into a shopping store, turned into a flea market,,,,,,,,,let’s just say your pictures look far better!
    Zulu Delta

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