Go-To Skincare Goconuts Event

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Last night I attended the Go-To Skincare Goconuts event. Not knowing what to expect my pal Jess and I rocked up to the very glamorous Langham Hotel feeling slightly out of place (as we are use to being poor uni students) but very excited to see what was a head of us for the evening. If you haven’t heard of Go-To Skincare then let me be that friend that you use to have in high school who knew all the latest goss. It’s a brand created by Zoe Foster Blake who was beauty editor for Cosmo Magazine, has written multiple fiction books and even has a beauty book on the market. She has tried and tested a lifetimes worth of products and has created her range to simplify skincare whilst still getting great results. So now that you’re in the loop lets get on to the good stuff! 

When the doors to the Alto room opened we were greet with drinks and the most spectacular view of the CBD you could imagine. As the room began to fill up with other guests, mostly of beautiful girls dressed to the nines, you couldn’t help your eyes from darting around the room and thinking ‘I love those shoes‘ ‘What lipstick is she wearing?‘ ‘How did she get her hair like that?‘.

However when Zoe and her facialist, Brooke took the stage all eyes were on them. Zoe began by introducing the skincare line and then the Q&A was off. Both Brooke and Zoe were so well spoken, relaxed and really funny. It was really enjoyable to watch them speak and better yet it was informative, I almost wish I had taken a pen and paper to take notes. The night ended with peanut butter cupcakes and a photo with Zoe.

On my way out I purchased the Exfoliating Swipies and my goodie bag had the Go-To Lip Balm in it so you can be sure that I will posting a review when I have had a good go at playing with them. Overall it was a really fun night that honestly made me fall in love again with skincare.   


Back on Track

baxk on track

Well look at who came crawling back! You may have noticed my absences in the pass few months but I’m here to tell you I’m back on track and will be posting more regularly, hopefully two to three times a week.

The past few months I had been feeling rather down and honestly uninspired, every time an idea would come to mind I would shut it down because it wasn’t good enough. I know now that you have to create okay stuff in order to create good stuff and that you have to great good stuff in order to create great stuff.

You may also have noticed my new blog banner and the photo above, I made it myself and it’s the first time I’ve used photo editing software. It’s not perfect but it’s just me attempting to make something okay in hopes that it might one day be great.

See you in the next post!

The University Bag

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So I have made it through the first six weeks of the university semester to the mid-semester break and I thought this would be as good a time as any to post a whats in my university bag post.

To begin with the most important part of a ‘whats in my bag’ post is the bag itself. I splurged on the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack, I specifically wanted this version of the Herschel backpack because it has an built in laptop sleeve which is probably my favourite feature, along with having a pocket specifically for sunglasses, as they both end up saving you a lot of space. Perviously I have lugged around a leather Fossil tote bag which looked fabulous but was heavy and didn’t fit a lot in it so I’m very satisfied with my decision to go for a tradition backpack.

I try and travel light when I go to university and keep it to the essentials. In the largest section of my back pack there is a laptop sleeve which is where I keep my beloved MacBook Pro. Then in front of the laptop sleeve I keep my notebook from Typo, I like to take only one notebook to university that has four sections. This way I never forget which notebook I have to bring for which class, everything is organised and in the one place.

I also keep a magazine with me, as media junkie I feel like I’m always trying to find time to catch up on my magazine reading so if there is a spear moment between classes I’ll have a flick through. I’m currently reading Frankie which is an Australian mag that comes out every second month. I also keep my American Apparel Beanie in there, even though it is starting to heat up again here in Melbourne the weather can change without a moments notice, also not to mention the my university is pretty much a wind tunnel so it is ace for concealing messy windswept hair.

The final thing I keep in the main compartment is my wallet which is a recent purchase that I am madly in love with. It is made by an Australian brand called Status Anxiety and as soon as I saw it I fell in love, the whole brand in divine. It fits everything I need plus more, it’s not too bulky, it is made out of the nicest leather and is a gorgeous shade of blue that changes colour depending on the light.

In the exterior pockets of my backpack I keep little nicknacks that I wouldn’t bee too concerned if they got stolen. I keep my Sportsgirl sunglasses in the sunglasses pocket at the top of the back pack. Everything else can be found in the front pocket for example mints, whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day, my keys and a couple of pens. Handy hint: ‘forgetting to bring a pen to class’ is a great way to make friends when you borrow one off your peers, hence why I don’t carry a pencil case around.

What do you take to uni? Do you prefer the tradition backpack or the more trendy tote bag? Let me know in the comments!

The Finders Keepers Market – Melbourne

ImageImageImageImageToday I had the absolute pleasure of going to The Finders Keepers Market. As I have mentioned before I love to support local businesses and this is definitely the mother of all independent art and design markets attracting designers from all over Australia.

Camera and Myki in hand, my mum and I caught the train into the city early this morning to arrive at The Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building where the market was held. This beautiful old building is surrounded by the most glorious gardens and on this sunny autumn day it was a real treat to stroll through them before going inside.

After dropping a gold coin donation in a box we wondered around the stalls in utter awe of the creativity and innovation that surrounded us. There was one of a kind jewellery, records turned into notebooks, vintage suitcases turned into speakers and enough quirky hand made items to redecorate your entire house!

This year being the third year that I’ve attended the event I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes something slightly out of the ordinary. If you missed out this time never fear as The Finders Keepers market is a bi-anual event and will return to Melbourne in October so keep an eye on their website for dates. Until then, let me know who your favourite independent designer is!

The Birth of an Amateur Photographer




It’s been nearly a week since received my very first Digital SLR camera. I can’t say there has been any masterpieces just yet but I’m definitely picking up a few skills here and there as I’ve gone a long.

My camera is the Canon EOS 600D and has an 18-55mm lens, all pretty standard really. I justified the splurge by saying ‘it would really benefit my university assignments’ and ‘I’ll need good quality pictures of when I’m overseas’. And so without a second thought and a quick tap of the finger tips against the keyboard I found myself a pretty good deal on eBay.

As of yet I haven’t had much to take photos of hence my kitten Jazz and my dog Lucy were the perfect models to practice on.